Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Gilda Radner & the ASS Man

Gilda Radner as Roseanne Rosanadana

BENNINGTON -- Their two sons and daughter chalked it up on the Graffiti Vault walls while mom and dad shopped around the fun, funky, functional art gallery. They bought stuff. 

That is the essence of Fiddlehead at Four Corners.

And oh, by the way, mom is the great-niece of Gilda Radner and dad loves ASS.

Shortly after they left a young couple from North Vermont walked into the gallery and one thing leads to another ... and they're celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary today. Plus it's his 34th birthday. What a day for the lovebirds.

For a few minutes Art Gallery Dude engaged Cathi Castrio about Gilda Radner, the great comic and original cast member of Saturday Night Live. Cancer killed the Detroit native in 1989. The wife of actor Gene Wilder was 43. Check out a bio of Gilda (HERE).

Cathi loosely explained her connection to Gilda: their fathers were cousins. As a girl she met Gilda a few times when she was married to SNL bandleader G.E. Smith, her first husband. It's funny but sad, AGD told Cathi, and she agreed, that today's generation, probably the one before it, too, has no idea who Gilda Radner is or what she contributed to the arts.

Cathi's husband meanwhile told AGD that he's a member of the Argyle Suds Society ...

... or A.S.S.

"Argyle," he said, "is a dry town, so we brew beer. We're the ASS'es of Argyle."

Based in Upstate New York just southeast of Glens Falls, or about 35 miles as the crow flies from Bennington, the beer society's Facebook page calls A.S.S. "A homebrew club from a dry town with a lot of wet basements ... "

The Facebook page features several cool photos (HERE) ...

... Meanwhile, their 3 kids were going nuts in the Graffiti Vault ...

Daniel with a papa turtle and several baby turtles ...

Anthony with something that looks like Kodos;
"Actually," he said, "it does kind of look like Kodos" ...

... and Veronica's woman with crazy hair,
which kind of looks like AGD's crazy hair these days

Their parents bought several things, including Stodgy Sam mugs for themselves ...

Want a "Stodgy Sam" face mug? Click HERE

And here's where another dose of coincidence kicks in.

As soon as the Castrios left Fiddlehead, in walked the O'Briens -- Roderick and Emily.

... Today is their 4th wedding anniversary, and as noted above Rod is celebrating his 34th birthday. The Vergennes couple celebrate every anniversary in West Dover at the famed Hermitage Inn, where they tied the knot.

"We eat, ski and drink a lot," Emily said laughing. They have a young son and daughter. "It's the one time of year we get to sleep through the night."

AGD asked Roderick and Emily the same question he asks all married couples:

"Because," Emily said, "I know he has such a genuine heart and even though he does silly things his intentions are unquestionably in the right place."

Roderick said Emily is "The most honest, true, morally centered person I know."

Emily blushed something fierce. Then she bought glass coasters and this ...

Stodgy Sam dispenser

AGD never thought that would sell. Been here for years.

Hubby and wife didn't Chalk It Up! but AGD saw Emily standing in the center of the vault appreciating the art on the walls so he snapped her picture.

Emily is 34 and remembers the great Gilda Radner. For those who do not ....