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Twist and Shout
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Friday, December 14, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Brian Hewitt part 2

Brian Hewitt with first 2 pieces from Park McCullough House series;
Hewitt was in his 40s when he painted his first piece

BENNINGTON -- Tim Burton and Patrick Ewing came to mind when Brian Hewitt lugged the first two pieces of his "Park McCullough House" series into Fiddlehead at Four Corners.

Tim Burton because the gorgeous "Carriage Barn Gala" looks like a cartoony yet real building you might see in one of his blockbuster movies. And Patrick Ewing because the luscious blue that Hewitt used looks like the luscious blue in those '80s-era Georgetown uniforms ...

Patrick Ewing with Coach John Thompson
(Rich Clarkson photo/NCAA photos)

"It's a very, very powerful blue," Hewitt said during an 8-minute audio interview. "Because it's a night winter scene, it works.

During the chat Hewitt talks about the compliment his 6-year-old niece paid him after noticing the winter scene, why he chose to include people in Carriage Barn Gala, the ideas behind "Summer Garden" and techniques he used to ensure his pieces will last for 500 years.

"Summer Garden" features the expansive greenhouse and garden on the south side of the Carriage House at the famed Park McCullough estate in North Bennington.

The 51-inch by 51-inch pieces are resting on easels in the mezzanine at Fiddlehead, which has featured Hewitt's work since he un-retired from a life of surfing, cervezas and senoritas in the Dominican Republic 18 months ago and decided to pick up a paintbrush for the first time while taking care of his 91-year-old dad, Bud. Read that story HERE.

His other works include the 3-piece "North Bennington" series of diamond-framed prints.

Unlike those diamonds, the Park McCullough pieces are original oil on canvas -- and they won't be completely dried for 6 months. They sell for $5,500 apiece but Hewitt is offering a 10 percent discount for one, or 15 percent for both, and he'll deliver and hang them for free within a 200-mile-radius. Call Fiddlehead at (802) 447-1000.

Here is a video of Hewitt talking about the Park McCullough series at Fiddlehead ...