Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Black Friday 2.0

"The aura is different.
They said a new person
is running it and changing it.
They said it seems more inviting
to people driving by,
and to the locals."

BENNINGTON -- That's what Kim just told Art Gallery Dude. And she said it in a sexy-queery Staten Island accent that reminds you so very much of Marisa Tomei. And Kim's frizzed hair and faded jeans and brown weathered boots made you think of Sophie B. Hawkins even though Sophie B was barefoot for a majority of her most famous video.

Somehow, Art Gallery Dude thought, Kim's boots are the type of boots Sophie B would wear. Here's a picture of Sophie B in boots, courtesy of her Facebook page ...

Anyway, Kim owns Nova Mae Cafe just down the street from Fiddlehead at Four Corners, the old marble bank turned art gallery in downtown Bennington. 

Art Gallery Dude told Kim that Nova Mae made him the best panini he ever ate. The best because whoever made that panini that day made it with fresh sourdough.

"You never know what kind of bread you'll get," Kim said.

Art Gallery Dude's lunch one July afternoon: sourdough panini to die for;
for a story of what happened to that Honest Ade click HERE.

Kim raved about the popular Soap Rocks that Fiddlehead sells and how she plans to be back tomorrow to buy a bunch of them. Nova Mae Beback?

Art Gallery Dude told her about the Graffiti Vault, and she made a beeline for it and within seconds she was chalking it up, up and down the thin strips between the main walls. Green chalk, blue chalk, purple chalk, pink, up and down, side to side, zest of life, joie de vivre, you only live once, babe. The married mother hit those walls like tomorrow isn't coming. Green chalk, blue chalk, purple chalk, pink.

The girl went at it.

Here is Sophie B. Hawkins -- and no, don't read between the lines, it's just a great song that Art Gallery Dude has loved since the first time he heard it. #musicalmarrow ...