Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: The Sun Also Rises on Bennington

BENNINGTON -- In the wake of snow flurries just the other day, the art gallery was drunk on sunlight today, indeed, it felt more like September 10 and not November 10.

The sun flushed through the big windows of Fiddlehead at Four Corners, Main Street side, and turned artist glassworks into explosions of immaculate color.

Robert Held's "California Poppy" vase illuminated in tones of gold and champagne ...

Available at

... while the red poppies popped and the azure blue azured.

The color rings of plum and red and green and blue and turquoise in the many Saturn bowls by Richard Glass (yes, the glassmaker's name is Glass) took on a deeper meaning, as did the red and purple in Bryan Goldenberg's flapped-over heart-shaped bowls ...

Saturn bowl (left) and heart-shaped bowls

This is what the bursting sun did to Goldenberg's floral mosaic vases ...

... sexy. So sexy.

Here's what the sun did to another Robert Held vase ...

... seriously, someone buy that for AGD.

And yet another vase by Goldenberg (dude is a master) ...

And this is what the volcanic burst of November 10 sunlight did to another Held vase ...

... this is what the vase looked like yesterday straight out of the box without the sun ...

AGD posted a picture on Facebook yesterday, and one of his vase-loving friends by the name of Aimee replied "I want this." Aimee didn't buy it, though.

Art Gallery Dude took another picture as the vase bathed in today's sunlight, and posted it on Facebook, and that's when a different Amy replied "MUST HAVE!"

AGD told Amy to call (802) 447-1000 to buy it but she wanted some specs first. AGD sent her the deets in a Facebook message. At the same time, Aimee replied "Did u sell it?" and AGD said no but that she should call right away if she wanted the vase.

The gallery phone rang 2 minutes later, and Aimee had her second vase from Fiddlehead.

Amy messaged back minutes after the sale went through but wasn't terribly bummed about not getting the vase. That's because Fiddlehead ordered her one just like it. Amy paid for it.

Kind of strange that two Aymees wanted the same vase on the same day, and that both Aymees bought the same vase on the same day, about 30 minutes apart. 

Funny how art gallery life works some days.

Meanwhile, other customers went nuts in Fiddlehead's Graffiti Vault.

First up were Ryan and Becca from Toledo.

"Jamie Farr is from Toledo" is what AGD told them in the vault, and they laughed and said they live near the former co-star of M*A*S*H.

Don't ask why, but AGD always associates Toledo with Jamie Farr, probably because the LPGA used to have an annual event in Toledo -- the Jamie Farr Open or something like that. And no, AGD never watched the Jamie Farr Open.

Anyway, today is Ryan's and Becca's 1-year wedding anniversary.

"What's the secret?" AGD asked. "Many newlyweds don't make it to their second year."

"It sounds cliche," Becca said, "but communication."

"Compromise," Ryan said.

This is what Ryan wrote on the other side of the vault ...

"Are you trying to have children?" AGD asked them.

Ryan laughed and didn't say yes necessarily, but the look in his eyes said yes.

Fifteen minutes after Ryan and Becca left their marks on the wall, a Bennington mother (Jenny) and daughter (Anna) walked in and picked up chalk. AGD looked up 25 minutes later and they were still on the floor chalking it up.

Here's Anna's finished presentation celebrating Thanksgiving ...

... well, Pilgrims in Amaireca, and Kaya dancing. Kaya is one of Anna's dolls.

It was a day of sun, glass, chalk and fun inside Fiddlehead at Four Corners.

Want some of the glass shown above? Click HERE.

AGD plans to sell every piece shown in this story by 6 o'clock Sunday evening.

Yes, it really is pretty to think so.