Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: ... out like a lamb.

"I settled on shetlands because
they're a dying breed"

BENNINGTON -- Wing and a Prayer Farm in Shaftsbury has 11 new Shetland woolballs.

Tammy White, who owns Wing and a Prayer, chalked it up in the Graffiti Vault at Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery a few months ago during the week she served as @ThisisVt's guest tweeter, and she's the one who provided the quote above.

Read about Tammy's hour in Fiddlehead's Graffiti Vault HERE
Check out Wing and a Prayer's website HERE

Shetlands are thriving on White's piece of Vermont pastureland a few miles north of Bennington, and this year's flock is almost a dozen strong thanks to Orin and his honeys Pansy, Maggie, Ruva, Winky, Nikki, and Lily.

The 150-day gestation period ended last week when the moms gave birth to Moran, Milverton, Padme, Jabba, Leia, Jar Jar, Bingley, Edmund and Claudius. 

Here are most of them ...

Nikki with Bingley and Darcy
Nikki with Darcy and Padme; Aisling looking thru the fence

Lily's day-old ram lambs Edmund and Claudius


Ruva standing vigil next to Padme;
Winky and hours-old lamb in background

Nikki looks on while Darcy approaches
and Bingley snuggles next to mom

Winky with her hours-old ram

The gang goes for a walk
Dana, a freshman-to-be at Bennington College
holds one of the newborns

There are tons of other photos at Wing and a Prayer's Facebook page not to mention the dozens of photos of newborn chickadees. 

Wing and a Prayer touts itself as "a happy place to live and grow. We raise and care for a variety of poultry, Shetland Sheep, piggies, bunnies, horses and ponies, dairy goats and honeybees. Our farm is a beautiful pastoral homestead where the children have grown up barefoot and the pups can run around without a leash!"

And where Figaro can peacock it up!