Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: 0 Tacos, 2 Bangers, 1 Dinghy. And It's On, Gallery Owner Chick!

A Fiddlehead at Four Corners customer looks at the print of "Dinghy"
by Brian Hewitt of North Bennington. Read about that day HERE
and buy more of his work HERE

BENNINGTON -- Art Gallery Dude has serious competition from Gallery Owner Chick.

"Hey, I sold Seuss long before you were ever here," Nina Lentzner playfully sassed AGD 24 hours after she sold a Brian Hewitt print on canvas titled Dinghy but only because AGD took a rare day off to putz around and seek out tacos from the taco truck guy in North Adams. Months ago a Fiddlehead customer told AGD that this taco truck guy makes soft tacos with corn tortillas. Soft tacos made with any other kind of tortilla is nonsense.

AGD tried to playfully sass Nina about usurping his role but she's a quick sasser-backer.

Anyway, El Coche didn't show up in his taco truck yesterday and, in fact, he's closing his taco truck and moving to Pennsylvania because his partner found an opportunity he couldn't pass up. The only way El Coche's taco truck stays alive is if somebody in the Berkshires steps up to take over.

But anyway.

Atop AGD's bucket list at Fiddlehead at Four Corners is "Sell Hewitt Work" and he has busted his hump and worked angles galore trying to achieve that goal and here comes Nina selling one of the North Bennington oil painter's works after just 35 minutes behind the counter.

Maybe I should just turn in my letter of resignation, AGD told Nina.

She rolled her eyes and sassed him.

Who bought Dinghy? No idea because Nina forgot how to work the new credit card processor and had to punch in the numbers so below the signature it reads IMPRINT CARD.

"Hey, we had the same machine for 10 years," said Fiddlehead's co-owner, who has an MFA from the University of Iowa

"I've shown you how to work it 5 times -- swipe the card, hit the yellow button, push in the price and hit the green button," AGD said. "Pretty simple."

So she made life easier for herself even though she really won't be back behind the counter any time soon ...

She does remember this much:

1) During the sale Phish was singing "Bungalo Bill" (in the show the Vermonters paid homage to the Beatles' "White" album.

2) The couple who bought Dinghy are Fiddlehead regulars from upstate New York and they bought the print for their college graduate son because he had a dinghy growing up. And, the mom loved that the price was right.

Art Gallery Dude is happy for Gallery Owner Chick and her newfound art-selling prowess. He's even happier for Brian Hewitt, who recently sold 2 original oils to the Vermonter whose front porch he painted ...

So there you have it. Art Gallery Dude takes a day off and some uppity fill-in by the name of Gallery Owner Chick goes and sells a piece by one of Fiddlehead's most prominent artists.

No corn tortilla tacos ... someone else selling a Brian Hewitt piece ...

... so AGD found comfort in bangers and mash from Lil Britain, Vermont's best fish and chips joint and certainly the best spot in town to watch the Premier League.