Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Fiddlehead at Four Corners Photo Contest Winner Worked With President Clinton

BENNINGTON -- The winner of this year's Fiddlehead at Four Corners photo contest has strong ties to President Clinton and Southern Vermont College athletics but that's about as far as we can go without revealing her identity. We'll do that tomorrow.

Unfortunately, she's in Kosovo and won't attend Saturday's exhibit, which will celebrate her photo and the photos of 9 finalists as part of the gallery's Mayfest activities. Fiddlehead also is holding a show for award-winning painter Olympia Hostler (see the release below) and serving free craft beer from Northshire Brewery of Bennington.

On Tuesday, Art Gallery Dude conducted an email Q&A with the winning photographer. Attached were 2 photos she recently took in Kosovo, her part-time home.

Q) Where did you take the photograph, and what kind of camera did you use?

A) I used my Canon G12 and took it while I was riding bike around town. Don't know the exact intersection.

Q) What about that scene motivated you to take a picture? What did it represent?

A) I first noticed the rustic look of the building and door and the (redacted till Saturday) sign. Upon further inspection, I was struck by the postal box and the state of disrepair that both the building and the Post Office are in. In the end, I just liked the composition.

Q) What was the most difficult aspect of capturing the theme of the contest?

A) I almost did not submit the photo because I was worried it did not capture the charm of Bennington. I wanted to submit a photo that showed what a great downtown you have but none of my other photos seemed as "artistic."

Q) What are some of the cameras you've owned over the years? Remember the first?

A) My first camera was a little cube, a Brownie and it took small square black and white photos. Do they even make those anymore? I've had Olympus cameras too.

Q) What's the best picture you've ever taken, and why?

A) Though I don't have a single best that comes to mind, the ones of family and friends are the dearest. I love taking architectural details when I travel.

Q) Do you have any favorite photographers?

A) Annie Leibovitz

Q) What was your first thought when you opened the email and found out you won?

A) Shock! I've never even entered a photo contest before. Then I felt proud that maybe I have finally become an artist after being a bureaucrat all those years! Thank you to Fiddlehead for that!

Q) What other images did you photograph in "Downtown Bennington"?

A) Buildings, houses with decorations architectural details and lots of the volunteers on the clean-up day.

Q) What is one tip you would offer to photographers in next year's Fiddlehead photo contest?

A) Grab your camera and explore your wonderful town through the lens!

Woman rides bike in Kosovo

Waiting for the bus in Kosovo, near Albania