Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: BREAKING! Week in Review at Fiddlehead at Four Corners

Whose glass pendant is Nina wearing? Read below

BENNINGTON -- That Nina let someone take a photo of her and post it to Facebook is massive breaking news because she's a private person and would break AGD's neck 7 ways till Sunday if he ever posted something she didn't like.

Nina is the co-owner of Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery with her husband, Joel.

"You're German. And you have a great neck!" is what AGD told Nina as he showed her the photo on his phone. She playfully slapped his arm and retorted "I'm GERMAN!? And I have a great NECK! What does that mean!?"

Yeah, not really sure what the hell I meant to say other than I knew what I wanted to say but didn't say it the way I wanted to say it. "This is a good photo of you because this pendant looks great around your neck, Nina -- and you're German!" is what was meant to be said but was not said like that.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm trying to say here?

No? Good. Then keep reading.


Fiddlehead at Four Corners will celebrate Mayfest next Saturday (May 25) by serving free Vermont beer during an opening to showcase international award-winning acrylic painter Olivia Hostler. Fifteen of Olivia's pieces have hung on the walls at Fiddlehead since March. Now we're giving her an official opening from Noon to 3 to coincide with Bennington's biggest street party of the year. Even more exciting, Fiddlehead will serve free craft beer from Northshire Brewery on County Street in Bennington.

Can't get anymore Bennington than that.

Read the press release HERE.

Here is Olivia Hostler ...

Olivia Hostler and her acrylic paintings (AGD photo)


Fiddlehead at Four Corners has confirmed that Bennington native Ali Secor will begin selling her blown glass wares in the gallery in the first week of June. The MAU sports star who graduated in 2007 then earned two 2 degrees at RPI (psychology, biology) stopped into Fiddlehead this week to show off a few of the glass pieces she recently made.

Read the first announcement HERE

Here's Ali Secor at Fiddlehead on Wednesday ...

Ali Secor and her glass wares (AGD photo)


Fiddlehead at Four Corners will start selling the pottery of Shaftsbury 16-year-old KC Tiffany in the next few weeks.

"Joel and Nina have championed local artists since they opened Fiddlehead at Four Corners 13 years ago. Bringing Ali and KC into the family continues the tradition," AGD said today. "Ali is one of the strong young glassblowers in the region, and KC has shown that she can throw clay with some of the area's top potters. We're excited about these new relationships."

Here's KC and her raindrop-shaped spoon rests with melted glass bottles in the middle ...

KC Tiffany and her pottery wares (AGD Photo)


Speaking of the Graffiti Vault, Fiddlehead has confirmed that Tommy Marshall will be the first musician to perform on "Graffiti Vault Unplugged!" Yes, it's a total ripoff of MTV's Unplugged! but MTV never broadcast its raw music show from inside an old bank vault.

Every Saturday night Fiddlehead will live-stream a 30-minute performance on YouTube.

Tommy Marshall is a guitar god from North Adams, with a great little twang to his voice, who has performed at Fiddlehead on College Night (here) and more recently during an opening for oil painter Brian Hewitt (here).

Here's Tommy Marshall at Fiddlehead last October ...

If you're wondering how live music sounds in the vault ...

And if you're wondering why AGD calls Tommy Marshall a guitar god ...