Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: Lewis Micou's Fishing Tale Part 2

Bennington Banner, July 3, 1969

BENNINGTON -- A woman by the name of Karson at the Bennington Free Library pulled up the grainy front page of the Bennington Banner from July 3, 1969. On the front page was a large standalone picture titled "A Whopper" and in the photo is a smiling man who looks to be in his mid- to late-30s. In his upturned palms sits a 10-pound, 29-inch brown trout.

Smiling was Lewis Micou of Bennington. Next to him with less of a smile is his 3-year-old daughter Kellie. The cutline reads: Kellie Micou, 3, shares the pride of her father, Lewis Micou of Bennington, who caught this 10-pound brown trout last week near the Sherman Dam in Readsboro. It's 29 inches long and was caught with a Rapala lure. He has registered it with the Fish and Game Department's record contest. It will also be stuffed."

Last night Lewis and his wife, Helen, spent 20 minutes in the gallery. As she browsed, he told me the tale of his great fishing expedition on the Battenkill (read it below). He said the Banner published a picture of his record brown trout, and one thing led to another and I called Karson at the reference desk at the library. Her voice is soft yet she carries a big stick for research. Within one hour she tracked down the July 3, 1969, front page on microfiche. She printed a page and called me to say that the picture quality isn't the best, that it's rather dark. I walked to the library to check the microfiche machine, and indeed you can barely see the front page on the screen. Dim bulbs? Perhaps. The printed page with the picture of Lewis Micou, Kellie Micou and the big brown trout is much better.

A quick look at the Vermont Fish and Game website (HERE) shows that a man by the name of Barry Bouker holds the state record for biggest brown trout: 22.16 pounds. He reeled it in August 10, 1990, at Sherman Reservoir in Readsboro.