Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: The 'Stache, the Fish 'n' Chips and the Pirates

BENNINGTON -- Soon as he walked into the gallery I said "Cool 'stache!" then asked to take a picture of it. He smiled and obliged. Told him "it looks kind of like Rollie Fingers' 'stache" and then his wife asked "Who's Rollie Fingers?"

Michael is the man with the 'stache.

His wife's name is Lydia.

We chit-chatted about this and that and then I noticed his English brogue. "Birmingham" he said. Michael and Lydia moved to Vermont -- Windham, up in them that hills near Stratton -- after living in NYC for a stretch. Michael asked if I had eaten fish 'n' chips at the joint three doors down. "Last week I had fish 'n' chips there. First time. It was great."

Michael said he's been to the best fish 'n' chips joint in all the world -- Bedders in Birmingham, which has since been bought out -- and that Lil Britian -- the fish 'n' chips joint three doors down -- ranks close to Bedders.

Just finished a conversation with a mother and her 19-year-old MCLA-bound daughter. She's blonde and cute and wants to focus on the business side of art management.

Like Michael the 'Stache, mom is from England, and she promised that when her four kids are done with college she and hubby will buy a Winnebago and park in each of the kid's driveway for 3 months at a time eating their food and using their electricity because that's what the four kids have done for 20-some-odd years.

I told her that Michael the British Windhamite ranked Bedders as the best joint fish 'n' chips. She said Robertson's "near Windsor Castle" is tops.

Meanwhile, a man named Vaughn from Pittsburgh smiled when I referenced his Pirates t-shirt and said that said after 19 years the Buccos need to go to the playoffs. Vaughn agreed. "Yes we do!"