Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Friday, November 1, 2013

5. Fouled in the Act

(Joey Kulkin photo)

Fouled in the Act

I've been outscored 9-0
to start the quarter
but I'm going to rally, yo

dribble-drive the floor,
penetration galore,
elevation and

Ain't no need to fake the funk.

Hoops like love
a game of runs;

9-0 to start the period;

17-2 in response;

and we're tied at the half, yo.

Hoops like love:
power jams and
power plays
lovin's great but
will we stray?

I've gotta make a 10-0 run
or the game
like us
is lost

Game's in the refrigerator
the door is closed
the light's out
the Jell-O's a-jiggling &
the butter's getting hard

no fun.