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Twist and Shout
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: Where there's a Will there's a pancake turner & really sad cow

BENNINGTON -- That's Will from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Will walked into Fiddlehead at Four Corners art gallery today and stumbled upon displays that hold the 3 books by John DeAmicis: "Thinks Thoughts and Thunks" and "Trees Bees and Boney Knees" and "Mumbles Grumbles and Assorted Worries".

Will bought one of each for "gifts and for personal use" and why not? Anyone who has read Shel Silverstein's books would recognize the poetic and whimsy musings and illustrations in books (and lithographs) by John DeAmicis.

Because he's approachable and disarming and kind and agreeable, Will accepted Art Gallery Dude's request to read one of his favorite poems from any of the DeAmicis books, and he chose "Vernon Werner" the pancake turner from Trees Bees and Boney Knees.

What's cool is that Will also unlocked 2 of Fiddlehead's special 4square badges less than an hour after Art Gallery Dude created them. For unlocking the badges Will received a free glass stirrer from North Carolina because he spent at least $40 ...

... and the other badge allowed him to save 10% on a $50 purchase.

4square works.

Thirty-five minutes after Will left the gallery, this man arrived ...

Will Kefauver.

2 Wills in 35 minutes?

Will Kefauver's oil paintings adorn the walls at Fiddlehead. He returned today with 4 new petits tableaux pieces (pictured above). One of them features the saddest cow AGD ever has seen. The new pieces will join his other, larger framed works, on Fiddlehead's website.

Here are 2 videos by 2 Wills:

So then, in keeping with John DeAmicis and his Shel Silversteinesque rhymes ...

... what rhymes with Will?


Louisville pancakes Michigan tonight, Wolverine fans sadder than a Kefauver cow.