Twist and Shout

Twist and Shout
Life is never straight (Joey Kulkin photo)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vignettes from Vermont: The Bebacks Came Back

BENNINGTON -- Last week in this post I mentioned a little inside baseball shared by folks at craft shows in relation to "The Bebacks" in relation to how John and Mary Beback always promise they'll be back to buy something yet never come back to buy something.

Today John and Mary Beback came back to buy two pieces I've loved since laying eyes on them; popular pieces I've wanted to sell for months; they've been here for years.

The first piece above is called "Face in the Trees" by Cynthia Schiff. 

I had a special name for it: "Fiona's Sad and Sullen Green Apple Glass Face of Torment and Timber in Platesville, Vermont" ... OK, I really just call it "Fiona Green Apple Face" but I really dig it and I dug it when customers stared at Fiona in the trees. I dont know why it reminds me of Fiona, it just does.

Fiona's first album is one of the best of the last 25 years. 

Ever since then she and record label chimps have squabbled about this, that and the other, and that meant her fans went years without new works, but Fiona recently released another album. I love her early to mid-career stuff, including this song that has one of the greatest lyrics in history " ... you fondle my trigger then you blame my gun ... "

I'll really going to miss Fiona Green Apple Face. 

So ... 

The other piece that left the gallery today -- in the same sale -- was this plate ...

... that dozens of customers had loved and fondled and picked up and held up against the light and said aloud how badly they wanted it yet they never pulled the trigger.  

One night about 7 weeks ago, John and Mary Beback said they'd be back for the plate after dinner. They ate dinner at Bennington Station, but they didn't come back.  

Last Thursday a couple in their 40s that came to Vermont for a 4-day weekend walked into the gallery and browsed for an hour. They said they'd be back today.  

A piece of me believed them because looked like serious arts and crafts buyers, but visions of John and Mary Beback danced through my head.  

Then, to my surprise, the Bebacks danced through the front door this morning and bought Fiona Green Apple Face and Pretty Plate.  

UPDATE: They say things happen in 3s, and at 4 o'clock a friend of Mary Beback came back -- two days later -- to buy this "Rose Bowl" that is another piece I've tried to sell for months. 

I love the piece. It was getting to the point where I was going to buy it and fill it with chocolate non-pareils. 

So as we have it, 3 pieces that have been here for years walked out of the gallery today with John, Mary and Cherry Beback. 

Strange day of sales.

UPDATE 2: Now it's just getting a bit weird. Just sold these gold-wire napkin holders ...

... which, I think, have been here at least 5 years. 

The woman, who just visited West Point and heard the same thing I told her -- that watching an Army game at Michie Stadium is Bucket List worthy -- also bought 2 silk scarves. I gave her a little deal for those. 

"Any little bit helps," she said.

But again, the weird thing is that she wanted to see the napkin holders and contemplated a good 3 or 4 minutes imagining how they would look in her new dining room. 

She took 'em, which makes 5 out-of-the-ordinary sales today because those 5 items have been in the gallery for years.

How do you like them Green Apple Faces, Fiona?