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Twist and Shout
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Friday, June 14, 2013

Vignettes from Vermont: KC Tiffany the 16-year-old potter part 2: 1st sale

KC Tiffany and her 2 newest pieces mid-process;
they'll be for sale at Fiddlehead at Four Corners
by the end of next week. (AGD photo)

BENNINGTON -- KC Tiffany walked into Fiddlehead at Four Corners today with 2 pieces of "bisque" pottery. Bisque means they were fired in a kiln for 24 hours up to 40,000 degrees and lost their clay properties. In other words, she told Art Gallery Dude, "the chemicals fused" and raw clay has become pottery.

Next she'll glaze the pieces -- one will be a large and sturdy tumbler, the other a soup bowl or vase -- followed by another 24 hours in the kiln at Vermont Arts Exchange. KC plans to glaze the tumbler "sky blue" but only within the grooves of the cool design.

Here's a close-up of the bulbous tumbler (click to embiggen) ...

KC left Fiddlehead.

Twenty minutes later a woman walked into the old marble bank turned art gallery looking for the funky raindrop-looking spoon things with crushed glass melted into the middle ...

... made by KC Tiffany.

The woman bought the only set of 4 Fiddlehead had for sale. The sale also means KC Tiffany the 16-year-old from Shaftsbury has gained professional status as a potter.

The woman said she's giving 2 of them as a gift and keeping 2.

"Fantastic" and "utilitarian" are words the woman used while telling AGD why she bought them. "You can use them for spoon holders or chopsticks or a table decoration or a coaster. They're fun to look at. They're so organic and go with anything."

KC has started the production of more spooners ...

They'll be ready in another week to 10 days.

Her other piece at Fiddlehead -- a Winnie the Pooh honey pot -- sells for $40 and there will be several of the two-blue "dragon-scale" bowls within the next few weeks.

Watch a video of KC talking about these pieces HERE